Treno della Brianza 1888

The historical train “Brianza 1888” was set up in 1974 to celebrate 100 years of UIC (Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer). Since then has plied the track of FNM (Milano Northern Railways) several times, expecially during Xmas holiday or for other specific celebration. The train is made up of steam locotender 200.05 0-2-0, one of the oldest working steamer  nowadays in the world, 2 passenger cars (mixed 1^-2^ class, and 3^class/mail) and a bagagge car. This train is one of the first and finest example of restoration of original rolling stocks.
This very consist itself has never operated in the past, but very likely a similar train could have operated local service on Milano-Como and Varese-Como branches from 1888 till the early years of 20th century.

Rivarossi model ’70s

The original red RR package of the '70s...

...included a replica of two FNM tickets of the beginning of the XX century

the whole consist; many hardcore RR fans still favour for the original 1970s production instead of the much improved 2000s reissue

even thou the package advertised "scala H0" the model was actually bigger, about 1:80 closer to british 00 (1:76) than european H0 (1:87)

Hornby-Rivarossi Reissue 2000s

The “Brianza 1888” set was reissued as “limired edition” in the late 2000s by Hornby-Rivarossi. The model came with a de-luxe wooden box but without the grey baggage car, sold separately.  Inscription and several details were much improved compared with the original but despite this fact, it was a commercial failure.

the shortened verison of the 2000s. Baggage car to complete the train was sold separately and came some time later

the lavish wooden box bear a distinctive number

FNM 200.5

Locotender FNM 200.05 was built in 1883 for the Ticino Railway, once a separate network from FNM original core. Since the ’30s these locos were relegated to shunting duties in the yards. After WW II, due to the shortage of rolling stock, they were back in service, especially with the short distance stopping train, like the omnibus 39 Saronno – Tradate. All the locos, of the original batch of 6, were demolished between 1932 and 1973. In 1974 200.05 was restored and placed in service for celebrating the 100 years of UIC.

third light and rouned cabin were added later

builder plate "Société Anonyme Usines Métallurgiques du Hainaut - Locomotives Couillet"

Questa voce è stata pubblicata in 1435 mm, ferrovie defunte, Ferrovie Nord Milano, Rivarossi, scala H0 e contrassegnata con , , , , . Contrassegna il permalink.


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